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Water Ionizer?
  -what is water ionizer?
  -what does water ionizer?
  -production principles
  -features of alkaline water
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counter top water ionizer

Body design
counter top water ionizer
Supreme Points 1 - Dispenser Fold-down (Hidden) Type - Two Stage Stretch

Unit's originality in its technology and body design
-. Totally different from the traditional output flex hose.
-. Fold down (hide) the dispenser when an unit not operated.
-. Fold out the dispenser before an unit is operated.
Supreme Points 2 - Auto-cleaning Water-cell

[Flow Direction Auto-change System]

Change electrode polarity to opposite direction every time after use, thereby preventing the plating(coating) phenomenon at electrolytic cell in advance(alkaline water comes out upper dispenser always by use of flow direction auto-change system if electrode polarity changed).

Totally different latest patented cleaning system.

Supreme Points 3 - LCD Color Auto Change System

LCD color is varied according to the chosen pH level.
- 7 colors for each pH level indication.
- Easy to confirm the presently chosen pH level.
- 50 % fade (dim) color of preceding operation in a standby mode.
Supreme Points 4 - One Touch Button

-. Just push a button lightly.
-. Voice guide upon pushing each button.
-. Voice and melody sound upon ACW output.
Supreme Points 5 - Built-in Water Supply Valve

-. Tap-on / off Built-in Water Valve - Convenience
-. Precise Adjustment of Water Inflow
-. Valve-surrounded illumination ? Convenience for Night Time Use
Supreme Points 6 - LCD Indicator Function

For customers convenience,
LCD Screen gives almost all unit operation information.
(Filter Life, Original Filter Recognition, Disorder Notice, Voice & Melody,
Generated Water Indication, Chosen pH Level, Temperature, Water Flow Pressure)
Supreme Points 7 - Filter

Original Filter Recognizer Integrated
- Use only original filter to prevent unit disorder.
- Enhance customers trust by avoiding any imitated filter.
- No ionization process (alkaline & acidic water) in case
original filter is not used (imitated filter used).
Easier Filter Replacement Anyone can easily replace a filter.
Supreme Points 8 - Acidic Outlet Hose Holder

Just hold (fix) the acidic outlet hose at anywhere in the sink
(upper, left or right side)
Other Supreme Points

Self-diagnosis System
-. Unit operation stops when an inflow rate is too low.
-. Unit operation stops when water temperature is too high.
-. Original filter self-recognition function.
-. Disorder icon appears when disordered or sensors check an abnormality.

Voice and Melody Function
-. Voice guide upon every pH level choice.
-. Melody plays when undrinkable acidic water generates.

Platinum & Titanium Electrode Plates and Watercell Diaphragm
-. 5 electrode plates and 4 diaphragm.

Automatic Drainage Function
-. After operation, remained water inside of unit is automatically drained out
-. Good for clean condition keeping.

Continuous Ionization Possible for Alkaline or Acidic Water
-. Continuous alkaline or acidic water generation without interruption.
-. Electrode polarity and water flow direction is automatically alternated even during unit operation.
-. No chance for ionic scale formation on electrode plates, even during continuous operation.

Input DC Voltage Adjustment Function
-. For stronger or weaker ORP or pH value at each pH level.
-. Increase voltage for operation with hard water.

Water Saving
-. When purified water mode operation, outlet water comes out only from the alkaline water dispenser, not from acidic water hose.

Alkaline Water Level Memory
-. After using Purified Water Mode -> Starts from lastly selected Alkaline Water Level
-. After using Alkaline Water Level -> Starts from lastly selected Alkaline Water Level
-. After using Acidic Water Level -> Starts from lastly selected Alkaline Water Level

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